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Eva Green Lake Como, Italy. Casino Royale, 2006. Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Satin 300gsm.

24x32″ Signed Limited Edition of 10
Edition 4/10 – Price increases with every sold unit
30x40″ Signed Limited Edition of 7
Edition 3/7 – Price increases with every sold unit
50x72″ Signed Limited Edition of 3
Edition 2/3 – Price increases with every sold unit
12x16″ Studio Stamped Edition of 250
10x12″ Studio Stamped Edition of 500
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About this picture

“I shot this picture of Eva Green during the filming of Casino Royale, and we’d wrapped for the day. I basically joined her in a boat ride back to her hotel at Lake Como. And it was just one of those beautiful days, beautiful early evenings. There’s something very sumptuous in the picture, sort of the wood, and the sea, and the flag, and then her beautiful dress, and her expression, but also, really, there’s something in the sort of, the slit in her skirt, and the position of her legs. And it’s just a really alluring photograph.”