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Bond (Daniel Craig) creating his first gun barrel sequence, Modrany Studios, Prague, Czech Republic. Casino Royale, 2006. Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Satin 300gsm.

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About this picture

“I took this picture in one of the first few days of filming Casino Royale. It’s the moment at the end of the bathroom fight where Bond turns and creates his first gun barrel sequence. It was one of the very rare times on set, where I’ve asked to have a special take just for me, which is very rare, very rare, indeed. Normally, I wouldn’t consider it. They shot what they needed for the film and then I pulled the camera out, and I was able to get into the exact position I needed to be in and had Daniel do this turn, especially for me. And it was actually the cover of the book I did on Casino Royale and yeah, quite nice. A sort of historical one-ness.”