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About this picture

“I took this photo of Taika Watiti, um, in London. It was shot for a, awards portfolio for British Vogue, um and he was nominated for Jojo Rabbit. My inspiration for this picture was Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin, and the sort of, the stars of the silent movies. There’s this sort of extra level of melodrama in his expression, but also there’s something about his sort of mustache and his sort of flip of hair. And the fact he looks like he’s clung to a building like Harold Lloyd. (chuckles) The, um, gives it a real sort of nostalgia. It was shot on a 75mm portrait lens um, on the Leica SL2. As a photographer, you’ve become quite of a, quite a chameleon. And so you, you behave differently with different people, not the change your personality, but you definitely change how you emphasize things. And Taika is a whirlwind. He’s a tornado. He’s absolutely got the most extraordinary energy and humor and joy. And so you can jump from melodrama to humor, to sort of seriousness, to some mad gag he’ll have, or some proper pickup. And so this picture really is just the, the, the result of those kinds of shoots, those kinds of interactions.”